Our handmade natural soaps are made using full of natural ingredients such as essential oils, organic herbs & flowers and natural base oils. This handmade natural soap lathers richly, moisturizes as well as cleanses, and leaving your skin feeling clean and soft.old-process soapmaking method the basic mixture of vegetable oils and fats, sodium hydroxide, water, natural nutrients and essential oils is stirred together. No additional heat is supplied apart from the gentle heat needed to melt the oils at the start of the process and the glycerin is stirred back into the soap as the saponification reaction takes place. This means that our handmade soaps retain all the glycerin, making superior and gentle bars of soap.

We use simple, everyday ingredients in our soaps. Depending on the type of soap we want to make, our soaps will contain a mixture of ingredients drawn from the following list: purified water, olive, coconut and palm oils, other fixed oils such as apricot kernel, avocado, jojoba, hemp or sweet almond, grapeseed, nutrients such as shea & cocoa butter, avocado, pumpkin seed, grapeseed, aloe butter, essential oils for their glorious scents and a range of pigments for colour. Often we add other ingredients, such as powdered flowers or leaves, oatmeal, honey, kaolin, cacao, Vitamin C & E, Rose hips, papaya, greentea, coffee, seaweed.. etc.

You will find our soaps are softer and smoother than those of a typical mass-produced soap since we do not use any chemical ingredients to make soaps hard and look better. Please keep them dry when not in use. Enjoy!